OBSERVER offers a complete DICOM imaging (PACS) system that is fully integrated with the reporting system. The same attention to detail and functionality of the reporting system is evident in the imaging components.

Image Viewing: There are numerous ways to view the images. They may be displayed within the exam screen, on a separate full screen window, or on a sidebar that is always visible – adjacent to the exam screen. The full screen window may be on the same screen as the exam window or may be moved to a separate monitor in a multi-monitor environment. The image windows may be set to display 1, 4, 9, or 16 images per screen. Images may be rotated for ease of viewing during a presentation and a left-click on an image produces a magnifying glass that allows the user to see greater detail.

Annotation & Enhancement: The image display windows include a tool bar that provides controls to annotate, re-measure, and highlight, among other functions. Images may be brightened, zoomed, and have the contrast adjusted. The integrity of the original image always remains intact regardless of what adjustments are made to the image.

Printing & Exporting: Images may be printed on a separate report or may be included within the body of the exam report. They may also be exported to use in a presentation or copied to a DVD. The exported images may be saved in a wide variety of standard image formats including JPEG, GIF, BMP, and TIF. Images may also be tagged with specific anomalies to allow for an easy review of all images depicting that anomaly.


Observer 7 ultrasound interface