Vision Chips recognizes that reports sent to referring physicians are a reflection of your practice. They should be polished, logical, and easy to interpret. Similarly, the user interface should be intuitive, extremely functional, and highly flexible. OBSERVER is not simply a collection of data entry screens, it is a carefully crafted environment that is designed to be pleasant, effective, and productive.

Ease of Use:  The program is designed to be comprehensive and powerful but without complexity. The user interface was carefully designed so that essential functions are merely a click away. All of the data entry screens are contained within one window, removing any need to navigate through menus or through successive layers to access other sections. OBSERVER was engineered with the user experience being of the utmost importance.

Automation: Whenever possible, routine tasks are automated or driven by lookup lists or radio buttons to ensure that data entry is kept to a minimum. This speeds up the process of completing the exam and limits the potential for mistakes resulting from mistyped data. Please refer to Interfaces for additional information on data entry automation to and from external systems.

Customizable: We are well aware of the importance that customers attach to the ability to personalize the program. Extensive customization options are available not only to the workflow, but also to the content of many screens. Likewise, the reports have numerous customization options that include the ability to display a customer logo or letterhead, color graphs, ultrasound images, the physician’s signature, and much more. Different styles of reports can be generated from the same data. Please refer to Customization for more detail on the available configuration settings.

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